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For a car, a trip to warm countries, an apartment, new audio equipment … It doesn’t matter to us what you spend your Good Finance loan on or taken out in another place.

For us, the most important are your needs and the fact that thanks to borrowed money, you will make your dreams come true! Don’t wait, don’t put it off. Don’t be afraid of credit! Regularly repaid is not terrible! And we care for borrowers and simplify procedures – including those related to formalities. Get the details!

Our headquarters is located in Kolbuszowa – a small town near Good Finance. We are open to clients not only from the region, but also from all over Poland. We arrive at the indicated address at a convenient time. What we offer? A wide range of financial services. For individual clients and companies. Today, let’s look at the concept of leasing Good Finance!

Leasing – what, when, how much?

Leasing - what, when, how much?bank

Poles associate the notion of leasing mainly with cars. Leased car – I think we’ve all heard the term for once. But leasing is not just vehicles.

If you are the owner of an enterprise, you run a business, you can lease almost everything – real estate, necessary equipment and machinery, and even office equipment. Therefore, it is worth considering this solution – especially at the beginning, because it minimizes the already high costs of furnishing an office or other type of work space.

Types of leasing

Interestingly, leasing has many names – there are two types on the banking market:

  • operational leasing,
  • financial leasing.

Your car or bank? Check!

Your car or bank? Check!

As we mentioned, Poles associate leasing mainly with cars, which is why in this article we decided to focus on this service. Let’s start with the definition. The simplest? Car leasing is a combination of loan and lease. What does it mean? Simply put – in everyday work you use the car under certain conditions.

The vehicle is not your property like a loan. You are a lessee, the car is only available to you for a limited time. Wondering if you can buy a car when the contract period expires? The answer is yes. And note – usually the amount will be much lower then.

Credit Good Finance, leasing Good Finance – everything is with us!


Are you wondering whether Good Finance loan or leasing Good Finance will be a better financial source that will allow you to open or develop your business? The decision should take into account the time, repayment period and type of investment planned. If in doubt, contact us – experienced advisors in the field of corporate and individual banking. Remember – we only advise and present possible solutions to be used.

The final decision is made by you – you choose the most favorable financing option, and in consultation with us you determine the repayment time. Note – important information – with us you will receive money for any purpose, without invoices or material collateral.

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