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the best bank is a very recent domestic loan brokerage service. Vippi offers its customers the opportunity to raise a loan of 100 – 4000 dollars with really favorable loan terms. The loan is granted for a repayment period of 3 to 36 months, but you can repay the debt at any time without any extra charges.

Loan Products

Loan products do not cover all available amounts. Still, the best bank allows you to raise a loan of 100-4000 dollars in one or several installments, so it meets most of the needs of loan applicants.

The disadvantage of the points is the lack of larger legislation. Loans over $ 4,000 usually require a consumer credit as a loan product, which does not offer. The quick lever as a loan product is not offered either, but it does not smell because the flexible lever allows you to raise money on the same terms as the quick lever.

A flexible loan allows you to change the repayment period, loan amount and monthly repayment completely independently. The loan agreement defines the minimum installment to be paid monthly, otherwise, you can choose whether to pay more.

Costs and interest

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the best bank does not charge any opening fees or maintenance fees for the loan, so this is one of the most affordable options in terms of cost. By far, the biggest point raiser is the change in terms of service just before opening, where all drawdowns on loans were eliminated.

In the past, free initial withdrawals were only available to new customers, but with the change of terms, all customers will have permanent withdrawals from the loan account. The new customer will still be offered an interest-free payment period of 30 days.

The interest rate on is relatively advantageous compared to similar services. The annual percentage rate will be min. 49.85% / max 153.63%. Missing costs and fees will reduce the cost of a short-term VIP compared to many other credit services.

Loan Terms

loan Terms

The terms and conditions of the loan are generally average for the service. The age limit for the best bank is 19 years, which is a relatively low requirement for the applicant’s age. There is no maximum age limit for the award of the VIP.

Income requirements are around $ 1,200 per month, which may seem high for small loan applicants, but in principle, it is not. If you are applying for a loan of more than $ 2,000, this income requirement is very reasonable. The service will be loaned regardless of the status, provided the applicant has enough income to show. You may be unemployed or retired, but if you have enough taxable income, the benefit may be granted.

Application Process

The service has a very clear credit application and a quick loan application processing. The money is currently in your account within less than 30 minutes of completing your loan application.

Authentication for the credit application is done with the help of online bank codes. The information you need to apply for the application is very easy to enter and the service provides effective instructions on how to send attachments to a credit institution. Once all information has been provided, a loan decision will be made and the credit agreement sent to the customer for approval.

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